Universities to the epidemic during the examinations held should not: Sibal

New Delhi: Former Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal said Saturday that the universities cover-19 of the epidemic during the examinations held should not and online to take the test is also not correct

New Delhi:

Former Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal said Saturday that the universities cover-19 of the epidemic during the examinations held should not and online to take the test is also not correct because it is the poor students with discrimination as it is. Senior Congress leader said that the corona virus due to the fine type from classes without executing schools 2020-21 teaching session is almost half finished, so the next year the Class 10th board examinations held not should be because it makes students unnecessarily burden will have. Sibal said with the media interview said, in the half-year passing has and we don’t know that it is Epidemic How long to run. This year and next year the Class 10th board examinations is not required and then they have this policy revisited can.

He said, Thank God that he some prudent ideas to be heard and the board examinations canceled. That imagine the impact which especially those poor students falls on those who have the online feature is not. Sibal statement of such moment came when infection due to Class 10th and 12th of the remaining CBSE and ICSE examinations of have been canceled. Sibal said, be clear, so universities exams also should be deferred. He said that until the epidemic is then up to the exams held should not be and online examinations to also highly discriminatory because in India many places in far-flung areas in online exams there is no facility and it makes the poor students with the differentiation will be.

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Examinations were then students how to promoted to be sea Sibal
The Congress leader said, You are a type of elite culture are developed where the rich will benefit who have a online feature and those institutions will get the benefit have a online feature provide and online learning providing facilities. Delhi University’s final year students on Saturday for its online open book exam postponed. These examinations a July have had. Aligarh Muslim University, including teaching institutions, the online open-book exams provide have decided. It asked that if the examinations if the students promoted how will be he said that there are two issues-first year as sophomore year to promoted to be and second year as third year for the art to be and the second, which third and final year are in.

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Sibal has taken on the government question
Sibal said that in the first year from the second year and from second year to third year students going into the this period in the semester examinations given will be, so promotions to those exams based on the results of the evaluation can be done and is it temporary should be placed so that when the whole classes go so exams can be. He said, Now You university examinations IA. A lot of students who come from far are they from the hostel are gone and those places they Online Test, How join will. Many students from neighboring countries if they are how examinations will be able to give.

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Center the university examinations to what policies have created-Sibal

It asked the Centre to universities in the examinations for similar policies formulate Sibal said that the University of the free classes are and what they should do and what not, these are the government sure can’t. Epidemic born from the economic crisis due to a lot of units by school and colleges fees do not get the respect of he said that any fees not filled in like the same policy to the problem with this is that many students who fees filling in the condition, they are also no fees up. so its effect is self-financed institutions will have on. Sibal said,…. When I say that this government of National Disaster Management Authority are part of the Which head are prime then the government policy in this regard to formulate. Sibal said that the committee of the respective ministries with these issues should discuss them and give tips, which should then state governments further suggestions will do but nothing is happening.

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