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Zakir Naik said after the demolition of Hindu temples in Pakistan – this should be the case in Islamic countries

Fugitive Zakir Naik, known for his controversial remarks, once again supported the demolition of a Hindu temple in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province by applying poison. Zakir Naik has said that there should be no temples in Islamic countries and if there are temples, they should be demolished. This shameful statement of Zakir Naik spreading poison from his mouth about temple and idol worship is going very viral on social media.

Zakir Naik says that it is forbidden in Islam to make any idol of a living animal, whether it is a painting, drawing or sculpture of a bird or an idol of man or bird or insect. All this is forbidden in Islam and there is a lot of evidence for it.

To prove his point, Prophet Mohammad said, “When Muhammad returned to the Ka’bah, he smashed about 3360 idols in the Ka’bah. The idol should not be made in an Islamic country, or if it exists, it is broken. It shouldn’t be anywhere, and if it is somewhere, it should be broken.

Temples demolished in Pakistan

Let us tell you that a mob led by members of the fundamentalist Islamist party has vandalized a Hindu temple in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. This temple was the tomb of a Hindu religious leader. The Hindu community sought permission from local authorities to renovate the decades-old building of the temple. Led by local clerics and supporters of the Jamiat-e-Ulama Islam-Party (Fazal-ur-Rehman group), the mob tore down the old structure and demolished new ones.

Even before this, the poison against the temple has increased

In July last year, Zakir Naik reprimanded the Imran Khan government, saying he had sinned by allowing the construction of a Krishna temple in Islamabad. He said that according to the Shari’ah, it is haraam for an Islamic nation to give or donate money to a non-Muslim house of worship.


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