With 400 million people infected with the world's corona, lockdown has resumed in some countries

With 400 million people infected with the world’s corona, lockdown has resumed in some countries


About 40 million people worldwide have been infected with the coronavirus. There have been 8 million cases of coronavirus in the United States. On the other hand, on Friday, the world’s coroner’s statistics rose to 40,000, setting a record for the highest number of cases in a single day. Carona recorded lawsuits in Europe from Italy and Germany to Portugal, forcing some countries to impose lockdowns again.
People living in London will be barred from going to another person’s home and residents of Paris and eight other major French cities will be barred from staying at their home from 6am to 9pm for four weeks. Will be given. In Spain, 991 and Italy recorded 10,010; Although Belgium will close the restaurant for four weeks from Monday.

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The French Senate’s press office said Friday that eight French senators had tested positive for Covid-19. A senator is hospitalized. Of the country’s 348 senators, 125 of these cases were identified in a trial campaign. There were 25,086 new coronavirus cases in the country on Friday. UN chief Antonio Guterres said on Saturday that a divided world had “failed” to meet the challenge of fighting the epidemic and called for tough action aimed at pushing millions of people into poverty.

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