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Winter weather: Severe cold spell in northern India, mercury reaches below zero in plains

Extreme cold and heavy fog affected normal life and air, rail and road services in northern India till morning. The cold conditions were such that the mercury in the plains reached below zero and the mercury in Mount Abu remained above zero. The weather is expected to change from Saturday and there is a possibility of thunderstorms and rain in many places on January 03, according to the Meteorological Center. The weather will be bad till January 4.

Due to cold and dense fog in Haryana, Narnaul had zero point two degrees, Hisar one degree, Rohtak two degrees, Amritsar two degrees, Faridkot near zero and Bathinda mercury one degree. Dense fog enveloped the rest of the northwest except Narnaul, Sirsa and Rohtak, affecting the flight of the aircraft. The severe cold and dense fog in Chandigarh did not leave a single flight from the international airport and did not cause any inconvenience to the passengers. Long-distance and short-distance trains are also running late. Besides, traffic jam was seen on the road till morning. The light sunshine came later in the afternoon which brought some relief from the cold.

Delhi’s mercury is lower than Shimla’s and Chandigarh’s. Shimla has six degrees, Ambala four degrees, Colonel three degrees, Bhuwani three degrees, Ludhiana four degrees, Patiala four degrees, Gurudaspur, Halwara three degrees, Adampur three degrees, Delhi one degree, Srinagar minus six degrees, Jammu four degrees. .

Churu in Rajasthan is the coldest, Mount Abu is zero

According to the Meteorological Department, Churu in Rajasthan was the coldest place in the state with a minimum temperature of minus 0.2 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, Mount Abu, the only hill station in the state, recorded a minimum temperature of minus 11 degrees with an improvement of four degrees. At the same time, people have been relieved from the harsh winter as the minimum temperature has risen by two to three degrees Celsius in most parts of the state. The maximum temperatures recorded in most places ranged from 17.9 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius.

The cold wave in Haryana-Punjab has reduced by 2.2 degrees in the Hill Tracts

Haryana and Punjab are also experiencing cold spells on Friday, with minimum temperatures reaching minus 2.2 degrees Celsius in Hisar. Meteorological Department officials said visibility had dropped significantly in both states due to dense fog in the morning. He said the minimum temperatures in various places had gone below normal. The minimum temperature in Haryana’s Hisar fell to eight degrees Celsius above normal on Thursday. Hishar was the coldest place between the two kingdoms. Chandigarh, the partner capital of the two states, recorded a temperature of 1.1 degrees Celsius. There is also an outbreak of winter in Punjab. Faridkot recorded a low of minus 0.2 degrees Celsius.

In Gulmarg, the mercury dropped to minus nine degrees

Winter conditions continued in Kashmir on Friday and the minimum temperature dropped below freezing in many parts of the New Year valley. Officials said the water temperature in several reservoirs, including reservoirs, was icy after the temperature dropped in the valley. The temperature at Gulmarg in north Kashmir was recorded at minus 9 degrees Celsius, meteorological officials said. Gulmarg was the coldest place in the valley. At Pahalgam, the base camp in south Kashmir, for the Amarnath journey, the mercury dropped to minus 7.8 degrees Celsius. Officials said the dry weather has disappointed hundreds of tourists at Gulmarg’s famous ski resort, awaiting snowfall in the new year. He said, however, that heavy snowfall in the grasslands at various places of the resort is making the New Year celebrations even more pleasant.

Kashmir highways, Leh and Mughal roads closed

The Srinagar-Jammu National Highway, which connects Jammu and Kashmir with other parts of the country, was closed for repairs on Friday. A 434-km-long Srinagar-Leh highway connecting Ladakh with the Kashmir Valley has been closed due to slippery growth of the route during the winter season, a traffic police official said. At the same time, the 86 km long Mughal road connecting Shopian in South Kashmir with Rajouri and Punch in Jammu region is also closed due to snow and slippery conditions on the road. However, traffic will continue from the border town of Kargil to Leh.

Relief in Himachal

The scorching sun in Himachal Pradesh has brought relief from the severe winter. The weather in the mountains was pleasant but there is a possibility of rain and snow in the next 24 hours due to unrest in the west.


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