Will MP Afzal’s house be demolished after Moktar Ansari? September 21 decision


The house of MP Afzal Ansari is also located in Gata 933 which is a vacant property. The metering was done again after a letter was sent to the district administration of Lucknow Development Authority. This fact has been found to be correct. Now the reply from the district administration has been sent to the LDA.

In this situation, steps are being taken to form an MP. Because empty property is property. A few days ago, the LDA demolished the construction of Mukhtar Ansari on this land. The matter will now be heard in the LDA on September 21.

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The LDA sent the letter on 14 September. It contained a letter sent earlier to the District Magistrate. Accordingly, the order to file the vacant property was passed by dismissing the names of the account holders in Gat No. 939. The vacant property is expected to be secured by taking statutory action regarding the 21/14 B building.

According to the LDA, a notice was sent to Farhat Ansari, the owner of the building, and his wife Afzal Ansari on August 31. In response, on 14 September Farhat Ansari sent a reply. In it he said that his building is located at Khasra No. 104. On this basis, the LDA sought a response from the District Magistrate, Sadar.

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Satellite-confirmed maps

The administration again metered and matched the satellite map with the software. It was also observed that the 21/14 B Gata building number located at Jiamou Dalibagh is located at only 93. This is empty property. This is the property of the people of Pakistan at the time of partition. It is now owned by the government. SDM Sadar Suryakanta Tripathi said the reply has been sent to the LDA.

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