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Why is Nepal building new police posts along the border with India? Know what is the intention of the neighboring country

Nepal is building new police posts along the Indo-Nepal border. Seven outposts are being built along the border about 100 km from Kheri district. Nepal is making these posts to prevent illegal infiltration, smuggling and crime on the border. Border security talks were held in the joint meetings of officers of Kheri district and officers of Nepal in Chandan Chowki. Nepal is increasing its vigil on its border. Seven new outposts are being opened on the nearly 100 km long border with Lakhimpur district.

According to Nepal officials, border outposts (BoPs) are being opened at places like Khutaghat, Latthe Ghat, Kala Kunda, Kala Patal, Lalitpur, Bagia Prasad etc. along the border with Lakhimpur Kheri in district Kailali. This will reduce the distance between the two posts and will help in curbing illegal intrusion, theft, smuggling and other crimes. It is being told that Nepal has started construction of armed police force posts. News of this is also being published in Nepal’s newspapers. SSB is also vigilant after getting this information.

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The joint meeting was held in August

A joint meeting was held in August between DM Shailendra Singh of Kheri district and officials of Kailali district in Nepal. In this meeting there was a mutual agreement on the security of the border. It was agreed to maintain pillars on the border, remove encroachments on the border, etc. Apart from this, it was also decided to stop smuggling, illegal infiltration along the border. It is said that on the basis of the agreement reached in both countries, Nepal is now increasing security on the border on its behalf.

What Nepal and India build in the border region is only after mutual agreement of the two countries. Both countries have the right to protect their border.
Munna Singh, Commandant SSB

In August, a joint meeting was held in Khajuria with officials from Kailali, Nepal. There were issues related to border security. Patroling etc. was discussed jointly.
Shailendra Singh, DM


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