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UP police unable to identify their own minister without helmet scooter, case reaches DG

Without a UP police helmet scooter, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary constituency of Varanasi and Yogi government minister Neelkanth Tiwari cannot be recognized. This is to say the social worker Nutan Thakur. In addition to the video, he has now sent a complaint to the DGP. Newton said that the UP police was giving false statements in defense of the minister.

This is the whole story

State Minister for Tourism, Culture, Charitable Affairs and Uttar Pradesh Protocol Dr Nilkanth Tiwari arrived from Scooty on December 7 to lay the foundation stone for interconnection in the Ghasiari Tola area of ​​his constituency. This time, people were injured when the minister himself arrived to drive a scooter without a helmet. The news of the arrival of the minister on a scooter also became a topic of discussion in the media. The video of the minister riding a scooter also went viral. The minister complained to the Varanasi police that the helmet without scouting violated traffic rules.

Police said the minister’s face was blurred

Regarding the allegation of activist Dr Nutan Tagore, Varanasi police said that the minister’s face was not clear in the video. The number of the scooter is also unclear. With this, Nutan Tagore accused the police of misrepresentation. In his complaint, Nutan said that according to the video he received, Dr. Neelkanth Tiwari and his associates were driving a scooter without a helmet at a government function, which is illegal. In his report, SP City Varanasi said that it was not possible to enforce the MV Act as the minister did not have a clear face and Scooty number.

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According to Newton, the minister’s appearance in the video is quite clear and the information officer officially said that the minister himself drove the scooter. Similarly, the Honda Grazia Scooter number UP65DE7501 is clearly seen in the video, which is registered in the name of Virendra Pratap Singh at the RTO Varanasi office according to the Government of India website. Newton said it was clear that the UP police could go to any lengths to protect the influential. He has now forwarded the information to DGP HC Awasthi and demanded immediate action.


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