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Unmasked in Kabul rescues China, Afghan government secretly pardons 10 Chinese spies, returns home from chartered plane

The dragon is now much relieved by the fact that the whole world was about to replace China. The Afghan government has granted amnesty to 10 Chinese nationals accused of spying and running a terrorist network. People familiar with the matter said on Monday that Afghanistan had released 10 Chinese nationals arrested in Kabul on December 10 for running a terrorist cell and allowed them to leave the country. These 10 members of the spy agency traveled on a special flight arranged by the Chinese government from their government.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Diplomats and security officials in Kabul confirmed to the Hindustan Times that all Chinese spies had left the country on a chartered plane on Saturday with the permission of President Ashraf Ghani. The ten spies released after 23 days of detention have not been formally charged.

Earlier on December 25, our partner website Hindustan Times reported that the National Security Directorate (NDS), an Afghan agency, was operating a terrorist cell in a 10-member Chinese module in the capital Kabul. And arrested ten Chinese nationals. Afghanistan has offered to pardon its citizens if China apologizes in writing. Afghanistan suspected that China had recruited the woman for espionage, including a woman.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has been alerted to the arrest of Chinese spies. He then assigned former Afghan intelligence chief and first vice-president, Amrullah Saleh, to investigate the case. However, as expected, Amrullah Saleh, in a security briefing published on his Facebook page on December 2, rejected the arrests as a symbolic gesture.

Otherwise I apologize … Afghanistan will break up now with the spread of terrorism

He said, ‘No foreign nationals have been arrested for conducting operations in Khairkharwa area. The arrested are Palmadi. Afghanistan’s first vice president said many of them had been arrested on charges of involvement in kidnappings and killings. Earlier, however, Amrullah Saleh met with Chinese Ambassador to Kabul Wang Yu to discuss the arrest of Chinese nationals. Saleh said the Afghan government could release the Chinese spies after formally apologizing to China. Afghanistan said the apology would violate China’s trust in Kabul and violate international law. Not only that, Amarullah Saleh also told the Chinese ambassador that if China did not do so, the Afghan government would take action by filing a criminal case.

According to a senior diplomat in Kabul, two of the 10 spies arrested were Lee, a Chinese national, and Sha, a woman, who had contacts with the Haqqani network. Shao Hong used to run a restaurant in Kabul and run a terrorist cell here. On December 10, the NDS raided Yangyang’s home and recovered weapons, insect repellent and drugs.


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