Amid ongoing tensions along the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh, the Chinese military has now adopted a new strategy.

Amid ongoing tensions along the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh, the Chinese military has now adopted a new strategy. China has now placed a loudspeaker in its front post as part of a new move to prevent infiltration efforts and the Indian Army’s conquest of the highlands of eastern Ladakh. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has installed a large loudspeaker at Finger 4 near Pangong Lake and started playing Punjabi songs on it. It is believed that the Chinese move was to divert the attention of Indian troops. China has placed its front posts on 24 finger loudspeakers under 24-hour surveillance by the Indian Army.

If the sources are to be believed, there is a possibility that the Chinese soldiers, who had trouble seeing the uninterrupted surveillance of the Indian troops, carried out the drama to confuse them and regularly played Punjabi songs. Or doing it to relieve stress. Note that this is the same place where about 100 rounds of aircraft were flown between the armies of the two countries in September.


According to our authorized website Hindustan Times, China is now working on the same strategy adopted in 19 strategy2. The Chinese military strategist Sun Xu wrote in his famous book, The Art of War, in the 6th century BC that the best strategy for war is to win without war. Working with his tactics, the Chinese military and the Communist Party spokesman Global Times are waging a psychological war against Indian troops in Ladakh.

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In fact, on August 29-30, after the Indian army responded appropriately to the Chinese army at Rejang La and Rechin La on the south bank of Pang Lake, the Chinese army first brought tanks and armored military vehicles. The People’s Liberation Army felt that the revolt would frighten the Indian troops and drive them away, but this did not happen and the Indian troops remained steadfast. The Indian military has made it clear that if the Chinese army crosses the red line, it will be held accountable.

After the infiltration attempt failed, the Chinese army tried a new strategy and started playing Punjabi songs at Finger 4 on Pangang Lake. Loudspeakers have also been installed at the Moldo military outpost of the Chinese army in Chusul. The Chinese military says the Indian military should not be fooled by its political leaders. Through these loudspeakers, the Chinese military is now trying to incite Indian troops against the government and leaders here.

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The Chinese army is trying to provoke the Indian army and break their morale through this loudspeaker. Disappointed by the deployment of Indian troops at such a high altitude in the harsh winter, the Chinese military is now playing a new game and trying to provoke the Indian government’s dec ision to deploy Indian troops at higher altitudes. The Chinese military’s attempt to provoke the Indian troops through these loudspeakers, to create alienation among them and to force them to retreat by reminding them of the harsh winter.


According to the former Indian Army chief, the People’s Liberation Army used similar loudspeaker tactics during the Nathu La clashes in 1962 and 1967. He said China feels that Punjabi troops are deployed in Finger 4. The Chinese army thinks that Punjabi soldiers are deployed in Finger Char and that is why they are playing Punjabi songs.

Let us know that there have been at least three shootings in the last 20 days over the border dispute between India and China. According to military sources, the first incident took place when China tried to capture the highest peak of South Pangong. Meanwhile, India thwarted their move, expelling Chinese troops. The incident took place between August 29-30. After that, the second incident took place in September, which took place at the summit of Mukhpari.

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Sources further said that the third incident took place on September 7 off the north coast of Pangong Lake. During this time, soldiers on both sides fired hundreds of rounds. These shots were fired because the Chinese side showed a lot of aggression. All this happened at a time when a meeting between the Foreign Ministers of India and China (S. Jaishankar and Wang Yi) was about to take place in Moscow, Russia on behalf of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The two foreign ministers have been discussing the border issue since April and have agreed to reduce tensions.



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