Two dozen thugs from Mukhtar Ansari have found evidence of their vehicles

Two years ago, two dozen goons of the most feared Bahubali Mukhtar Ansari were shot dead in their car after the murder of Munna Bajrangi at Bagpat Jail. Scorpio and Fortune trains have been bulletproofed from Merit and Punjab in a very stealthy manner. Interestingly, most operators have bought cars in the name of relatives.

It was revealed when Surendra Kalia attacked his bulletproof vehicle and recovered such a vehicle from Pradeep Singh near Mukhtar. No bulletproof documents were found with both. The police investigation has revealed many more.

On July 12, outside Ajanta Hospital in Alambagh, Hardy’s historian, Surendra Kalia, fired a bulletproof Scorpio. The car was found by Kalia’s friend during the investigation. Surendra could not provide any documents to make bullet proof of this vehicle. On September 22, a key of a bulletproof Fortune car was found in the flat of Pradeep Singh, son of a retired deputy SP, in an operation against the Mukhtar gang. The car was found in Venumati apartment. The police also did not get the documents. Police have seized the car. Similarly, a bulletproof vehicle was found near the bird of a former MLA very close to Mukhtar.

Police Commissioner Sujit Pandey along with his subordinates collected several pieces of information on bulletproof vehicles in this regard. It was revealed that most of the bulletproof vehicles belonged to Mukhtar Ansari’s thugs. Police have launched an investigation after the revelation. DCP Charu Nigam said a bulletproof vehicle was found during Mukhtar’s gang operation. These are reported by Pradeep. This is being investigated.

Panic increased after Bajrangi’s murder

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An investigating police officer said that in 2011 Bajrangi’s brother-in-law Pushpajit Singh and then in 2017 the contractor Md. Tariq’s murder weakened Bajrangi. The Mukhtar camp was in trouble because the weak Bajrangi always supported them. Along with these two killings, there were fears that there would be a big gang war in UP soon. However, the Bajrangi murder in Baghpat Jail on July 9, 2018 changed the equation of the underworld. The official said Mukhtar was so terrified of Bajrangi’s murder that he did not want to be transferred from a Punjab jail to a UP jail. It is claimed that since Bajrangi’s murder, Mukhtar’s gang workers have started getting bulletproof bullets in their cars.

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15 to 20 lakh is spent

In 2003, through a company in Varanasi, several mafia vehicles were bulletproofed. The office of this organization was open for a few days in Varanasi. From here, the agent worked with Merritt’s only bulletproofing company. A bulletproof car costs 15 to 20 lakh rupees.


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