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Try to warm up Bihar politics, do you know who sent post to BJP leaders cutting Nitish’s chair at the corner of Patna?

After the inclusion of JDU MLAs in the BJP in Arunachal Pradesh, the opposition in Bihar politics has started exploring possibilities for themselves. While both the JDU and the BJP have repeatedly tried to convey the message of ‘all il’, other opposition parties, including the RJD and the Congress, are not prepared to believe that everything is normal between the two. Yesterday, former chief minister Rabri Devi gave political pundits a chance to re-speculate about the possibility of Nitish’s return to the grand alliance, when on the first day of the year, the JDU and BJP posted posters on the streets of Patna. Attempts to show conflict have also intensified. Below most of these posters are photos and names of RJD leaders that show who got the posters.

These posters show BJP leaders cutting the chair of CM Nitish. On the other hand, Janata Dal-U says that there is no political crisis in Bihar. The Rashtriya Janata Dal and the Congress are angry that they have come to power. In this problem, a variety of discourses are also being used, including strategies that do not succeed. JD (U) leader Ajay Alok said that while keeping a close eye on Tejaswi Yadav, what should be said about the leaders who are celebrating the New Year in Delhi. On the other hand, RJD spokesperson Shakti Singh Yadav said that the alliance between Nitish Kumar and the BJP did not match in Bihar.

Yesterday, former chief minister Rabri Devi also said that the BJP could do as it did in Arunachal. Rabri Devi said that it is known when the BJP pays taxes. Regarding the possibility of Nitish Kumar’s return to the grand alliance, Rabri Devi said that if necessary, the party leaders would take a decision in consultation with each other.


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