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Time will tell how long the coronavirus vaccine will protect, find out what experts say about the vaccine

Medical experts say the approval of the emergency use of two vaccines in India’s fight against corona is crucial. Experts say vaccines are safe and effective. Only one question can be answered, how long will this effect last once vaccinated? The answer will be available over time. Scientists around the world will observe the duration of the armor of corona vaccines.

Both vaccines are completely safe: mixed

Former AIIMS director Dr MC Mishra, who volunteered for the Kovacin trial, said the two vaccines were completely safe. People don’t have to worry about side effects at all. Experiments have also shown that both covacillin and covacin vaccines have good immunity. However, this power will be six months or one year or ten years or always, we do not know it today. The answer to this question will come in time. It’s not just two covshields or a covacin vaccine. This question is also unanswered about the Moderena and Pfizer vaccines. Even after vaccination, scientists will monitor the effects of vaccines. The next time they can tell how long the vaccines are being used. Regarding the skepticism caused by the development of vaccines in a short period of time, Dr. Mishra said that most of the time it takes to make a vaccine evaluates its effects, which has not yet been evaluated among these vaccines. The remaining possible side effects have been investigated. They are minimal.

Continuous monitoring and impact assessment: Dr.

Former Secretary of the Department of Health Research and former head of the ICMR. According to VM Katoch, just as countries have succeeded in preparing vaccines, they will also succeed in producing and vaccinating people. The effects will begin within two to three months of the vaccination. The full details of the vaccinated people are in the Covin software, so constant monitoring and impact assessment will also be done. Dr. Katok believes that the Koran vaccine will prove to be a game changer in preventing the epidemic. When he himself was the head of ICMR, there was an epidemic of H1N1, but then Tamiflu proved to be an effective drug. Although the vaccines were made later, corona is not a drug, so all hope is in the vaccines.

Praise is not right: Professor. Teen Chibo

According to Professor Jugal Kishore, director of the Department of Community Medicine at Mahabir Medical College, Burdwan, people’s fears about the side effects of the vaccine are not justified. Any drug or vaccine has minor side effects that can be easily resolved. Even with this vaccine, the risk will be less than one percent. Although 99 percent of people will benefit.


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