Threatening an Elderly Son and Daughter in Law I Will Be Evicted

Threatening an Elderly Son and Daughter-in-Law, I Will Be Evicted From Property If I Have Children

You heard a word. It is said that suede is more beautiful than the original. That is, the grandson loves more than the son. But in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, there is a man who does not want to be a grandfather. He threatened his daughter-in-law that he would evict her if she gave birth to a child. After seven years of marriage, the daughter-in-law, satisfied with not getting the happiness of the child, reached the court of Kutum. He has asked his father-in-law to explain. However, six in-laws were not considered even after counseling. It is now ready to call him for the next counseling.

This is a strange incident in the family of a retired Bhopal officer. In the early years of the marriage, the daughter-in-law tried to convince her father-in-law and husband, but the matter was not resolved. Annoyed by the social and family curiosity, many finally applied to the Kutum court in September 2020.

He has spoken to consultant Sarita Rajini. After a month and a half of hearings, no solution was found. Counselor Rajini advised the son and daughter-in-law to take separate homes, but the husband did not want to leave his father. Even the mother-in-law is not ready to accept. The mother-in-law died several years ago.

When the consultant called the retired officer, he argued that if the daughter-in-law’s son-in-law had children, they would not take care of me. Send me to the old house. A son is not born. The first responsibility of the daughter-in-law is to serve me. These people can give birth to children after my death. If the daughter-in-law wants children, she can divorce my son and remarry.

In the first counseling, the husband said that the father did not want any children. If we do that, they will evict us from their property. But during counseling, the daughter-in-law promised that she was ready to give an affidavit in court that she would continue to serve the in-laws even after the child was born. In this regard, psychiatrist Dr. Rahul Sharma said that the feeling of insecurity has increased among the elderly. The behavior of this kind of person begins to change. Thoughts begin to change. In this case, the son has to decide for himself.


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