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Thousands protested against Netanyahu, accusing him of corruption and demanding his resignation

Thousands of people protested against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday, demanding his resignation. Protesters allege that Netanyahu did not properly address the Corona virus crisis. Protesters carried placards reading “Go back” and “Everything is equal in the eyes of the law.” The demonstration took place on a Jerusalem square near Netanyahu’s government office.

Protesters have been gathering for months to demand Netanyahu’s resignation. Netanyahu has been charged with three counts of fraud, treason and bribery. These lawsuits relate to his millionaire colleagues and media sector veterans. Netanyahu has denied the allegations. Protesters say Netanyahu cannot run the country properly amid allegations of corruption. Hearings in these cases will begin in the next few weeks.

Israel will hold elections for the fourth time in two years in March. This will somehow be the second referendum against Netanyahu where he will also face challenges within his Likud party. Activists say Netanyahu and his government have also failed to address the Corona virus crisis.

The economy suffered last year due to restrictions imposed by the epidemic crisis. However, Netanyahu and his colleagues used the vaccination campaign in Israel in response to the protests and their allegations. To date, more than 10% of the country’s population has been vaccinated under this campaign.


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