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Thousands of children born in India in the new year, according to UNICEF

60,000 children were born in India on New Year’s Day. UNICEF provided this information. This is the largest number of New Year’s babies in the world. However, this number is 390 less than the number of babies born before 2020. In addition, 35,615 babies were born in China this year, the second highest in terms of births.

UNICEF estimates that 371,504 babies will be born worldwide on the first day of the year. 52% of its children will be born in ten countries. This year, an average life expectancy of 140 million babies is expected to be born worldwide over 844 years.

UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Four said at the organization’s 75th anniversary this year: “Children born today are entering a slightly different world than a year ago, and the new year offers a new way to restore the world. Facing growing poverty and deep inequality, the need for UNICEF’s work is as great as ever. “

By comparison, the number of children born this year is 78 times higher than the number of deaths due to coronavirus worldwide. In India, the life expectancy of children born in 2021 will be 80.9 years, which is three years less than the world average.

However, due to government intervention, especially the establishment of neonatal care units, thousands of additional children survive in India every day. One lakh special needs newborns survive every year as the government formed the government between 2014 and 2020 due to 320 district-level SNCUs.


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