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Those who insulted the workers realized their importance during the Corona: Prime Minister Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday that when workers working in other states returned to their villages during the Corona conversion, they realized the importance of the states that once humiliated them. The Prime Minister did not name any particular state during his speech.

Industrial activities in many major cities, including Delhi and Mumbai, came to a standstill as migrant workers began migrating to their villages as the central government locked them across the country to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

He was speaking via video conference after laying the foundation stone of light housing projects under the Global Housing Technology Challenge-India (GHTC-India) in six cities in six states. Describing the affordable rental housing complex project to provide housing to migrant workers and the urban poor on a low budget, the Prime Minister said the aim was to move from one state to another or from a village to a city. To provide residential facilities to those who are moving.

“Before Corona, we saw people from other states talking ‘offensively,'” he said. He was insulted. But in Corona’s time, when all the workers had returned to their villages, the rest realized how difficult it was to survive without them and how difficult it was to run a business. How difficult it is to run an industry. He said the workers were called back with their arms and legs folded.

Corona forced those who did not accept the power and respect of the workers, he said. The Prime Minister said that workers in cities have not been able to get proper rented houses and have to live in small houses where there are many problems like water, electricity and toilets from dirt.

He said, live a dignified life in the service of the nation, it is also the responsibility of all the countrymen. With this in mind, the government is urging industry and other investors as well to build houses with fair rent. It’s also an attempt to have the same residence where they work.


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