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The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has warned that the corona lockdown could be tightened

On Sunday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that current restrictions could be tightened to curb the spread of Covid-19 as the country battles a new strain of the coronavirus. Teachers’ organizations have been calling for the closure of all schools across the country for several weeks due to the rapid spread of the new virus. Johnson said parents should send their children to schools in areas where they are open from Monday because the risk of children from the deadly virus is much lower.

However, he said the number of people infected with the coronavirus in the country this weekend had risen to 57,722 and the death toll had risen to about 755,000, prompting tougher restrictions for the public in the coming weeks. Asked about the lockdown, Johnson told the BBC the restrictions could be tightened.

“It may be that in the next few weeks we will have to do something tougher,” he said. I totally agree with that. I believe the whole country agrees. We have to take much tougher action. Schools are safe, he said. The risk to children is very low. Employees risk less. The benefits of education are immense.

Under the current rules, strict measures apply to department four in most parts of the country, where most commercial and non-commercial stores are almost completely closed. Government National Health Services is under extreme pressure due to the growing number of hospital admissions.

On behalf of managing the epidemic, Johnson said his government “has taken all the necessary steps to prepare for the winter months.” The prime minister himself was infected with the corona virus and it took him a few weeks to recover.


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