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The number of corona cases in America has exceeded two crore, so far 5 lakh deaths

The number of people infected with the deadly coronavirus (Kovid-19) has risen to more than two million. According to the latest data released by the Center for Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University in the United States, the number of infected people in the country has exceeded two million. So far, 20 million 567 people in the United States have been infected with corona. The epidemic has taken a terrible turn in America and so far 3 lakh 47 thousand 542 people have died as a result.

The state of California in the United States has the highest number of infected people at 23 million, followed by Texas (1.7 million), Florida (13.2 million), New York (9 million 9 thousand) and Illinois at 9 million and 3 thousand.

The United States has suffered the most in Corona, New York, New Jersey and California, considering the death toll. In New York alone, corona infections have killed 38,155 people. The Newsweek epidemic has so far killed 19,160 people. Since Covid-19, 26,093 people have died in California so far. In Texas, 28,253 people died because of this, while in Florida, 21,673 people died from Covid-19. Also, 17,978 died in Illinois, 13,018 in Michigan, 12,423 in Massachusetts and 16,155 in Corona Pennsylvania.

New strains of the coronavirus have been confirmed in the United Kingdom in California, Colorado and Florida. This new strain of coronavirus is 70 percent more contagious. Following the approval of the Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus vaccines in the country, this vaccine campaign has also begun in large numbers.


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