The navies of India and Japan will conduct exercises in the North Arabian Sea between China and Tanti

On Friday, an Indian Navy spokesman said India and Japan were set to begin a three-day naval exercise in the North Arabian Sea from Saturday. A few days ago, the Indian Ocean had a drill with Australia. The navies of India and Japan will conduct a three-day military exercise in the North Arabian Sea. This military exercise will start from Saturday. Officers provided this information. India and Japan signed a landmark agreement on logistical cooperation between the two armed forces on September 2, officials said. He noted that this would be the first military exercise between the two countries since the agreement. “The JMEX-20 will demonstrate high-performance and combined operational capabilities through advanced practice in maritime operations,” Navy said. Multidimensional strategic exercises combining weapons operations, cross-deck helicopter operations and complex surface, anti-submarine and air combat exercises will strengthen the integrated coordination of both navies. “

Navigating during the Corona period

The Indian and Australian Marines conducted an exercise in the East Indian Ocean (IOR) on September 23-24. This type of practice is done whenever the opportunity arises. Like the Indo-Australian practice, due to the Covid-19, the Gimex-20 is being operated in a “no contact with the sea” format. Indian warships Chennai, Teg, Tarak and cargo tanker Deepak will represent the Indian Navy in the GMX-20, and the Japanese naval self-defense force is sending its warships Kaga and Ikazuki for training. It was said that the P8-first long patrol aircraft, integral helicopters and warplanes would also take part in the exercise. “Jimex-20 will further enhance cooperation and mutual trust between the two navies and further strengthen the long-term friendship between the two countries,” the Navy said.

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Australia is set to be part of the next Malabar naval exercise conducted by India along with the United States and Japan. The next version of Malabar, already suspended due to COBID-19, will be held later this year. China has also been made aware of the Quadrilateral security talks or quads by India, the United States, Australia and Japan in late 2014, and suspicions have grown since it was promoted to ministerial level in the four-nation forum last year.
The Navy was on an operational alert in the Indian Ocean, with several warships ready for any work after the border with China in the Ladakh sector. India has deployed warships with significant sea lane communication and choke points as part of its mission-based deployment and ships can be diverted for any mission.

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