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The Indian Army will deploy 12 native boats on Pangong Lake to thwart Chinese military incursions.

Tensions between India and China continue along the Line of Actual Control. In an effort to strengthen its presence and deployment in the Pangong Lake area of ​​Ladakh, the Indian Army has agreed to acquire 12 boats. These boats will be fully armed. It will also be used for patrolling the area and deploying troops quickly.

The boats are being built by Goa Shipyard Limited for the convenience of Shipco de Gama, the news agency ANI reported. It will have guns on both the front and rear and will be able to carry troops.

The Indian Army has entered into an agreement with Messrs. Goa Shipyard Ltd. for 12 fast patrol boats to monitor and patrol large reservoirs, including high-altitude people. Their distribution will start from May 2021.

Army officials said, “Engineers will operate and maintain the boats. These boats will be important to ensure safety along the boundary / control line that spans wide reservoirs at high altitudes.” High-speed and sailing boats will be equipped with state-of-the-art onboard systems, he said.

In the early stages of the conflict with India, Chinese troops used a large number of boats to transport troops to the Finger Five and Finger Six areas. There are also plenty of boats in India and the new boats will enhance India’s ability to navigate around the lake which has long been a point of contention between the two countries.


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