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The draft law will be published on the official website 60 days before the legislature, an application will be made to the Supreme Court

A public interest litigation was filed in the Supreme Court, requesting the Center and the states to make it clear on their official websites and make it available to the public at least 60 days before the introduction of the draft law in Parliament and the state legislatures. Done.

BJP leader and advocate Ashwini Upadhyay has filed the PIL. He also requested the Center to ensure that all draft laws and forms they have passed should be made available to the people in all regional languages.

A public interest litigation filed by advocate Ashwini Kumar Dubey said, “In today’s democratic process, in the age of sophisticated media and technology, both the Center and the state are unfortunately not fit to be present in the legislature. Should not be discussed.

The petition said, “The protest against agrarian reform (three new agricultural laws) shows how the message of any law has been lost in the legislature and was discussed in the legislature before such a bill was introduced. What could be the consequences of not doing this? The petition states that any draft law other than those related to national security must be published on government websites at least 60 days before it is introduced in Parliament or the state legislature.

Demand to translate the proposed laws into regional languages ​​De

It states that with regard to central laws, the proposed laws should be translated into the regional language and published online at least 60 days before their presentation in Parliament, so that the citizens of the country are fully informed.

New agricultural laws have been mentioned

Referring to the new agricultural law, the petition said that the draft laws were being misunderstood by farmers’ leaders for extensive consultation and opinion before being presented in Parliament. The petition said that due to this a lot of misinformation was spread and farmers started protesting and selfish people were using this situation to their advantage in the guise of farmers. “People have suffered greatly because the existing law-making process is not only undemocratic but also unconstitutional,” the petition said.


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