The Chinese army will get the answer, the Indian army equipped with many layers of defensive clothing

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The Indian Army is equipped with a variety of protective clothing to respond to the Chinese military’s response to the Line of Control (LoC) in Ladakh. They also have tents that neutralize (-50) degree cold. The military says the uniforms will not only protect soldiers in adverse weather. Also this white dress will make it difficult for the enemy to recognize him.

Lieutenant Colonel Monarch Saad said each jawan would have 21 items. The first layer of clothing will include pajamas and a dark jacket. The second level will have a green jacket and pajamas. At the third level, the soldiers will have the necessary equipment to climb or stay in the high mountains.

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The third level will have white jackets, pajamas and special shoes. For the hands they will also find multi-layered gloves and socks that will keep them warm in a cool, breathable body.

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There are also small and large army tents for stagnation, designed to suit the needs of one to a dozen personnel. In addition to the outer waterproof layer, the inner layer of the tent will be of coil fabric, which will keep the temperature very high. In addition to the heater, the seals will also have solar panels, which will meet the electricity requirements.

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Notably, tensions between India and China have risen sharply in Ladakh. The conflict between the two countries has been going on since April. Violent clashes between the two countries also took place in the Galvan Valley in mid-June, in which 20 Indian soldiers were killed. At the same time, the Chinese army was killed. Subsequently, frequent military and diplomatic meetings were held to defuse tensions, but without much success. China also made unsuccessful infiltration attempts in late August and early September. In the last 20 days, there have been three shootings between the two countries’ armies. The LAC has been fired for the first time in four decades.

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