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The BJP will set a target for 2021 in preparation for the UP panchayat elections

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The first meeting of the Uttar Pradesh BJP in the new year was called at the party’s state headquarters on Sunday. The meeting will also decide on the party’s full-year program along with preparations for the panchayat elections. The 2022 assembly elections will also be at the center of the meeting.

State General Secretary Govinda Narayan Shukla gave information about the meeting. He said a meeting of state officials had been called at the party’s state headquarters on January 2 at 2pm. At the meeting, the party’s national vice-president and state in-charge Radha Mohan Singh, state president Swadhin Dev Singh, state general secretary (organization) Sunil Bansal will discuss the party’s upcoming programs and campaigns.

It is said that the future strategy of the team for the whole year will be discussed in this meeting. The outline of the party’s strategy and program for winning the panchayat elections will be discussed in detail. It is noteworthy that the party is preparing to field candidates for about 3000 seats of district panchayat members in the panchayat elections. The goal of the party is to keep the party in the district panchayat with a large number of leaders and workers.

With this, there will be a brainstorming session on the preparations for the 2022 state assembly elections. Strategies will be developed to intensify team activities at the booth level. Looking ahead to the Assembly elections, the party will appear in some sort of electoral mode throughout the year.


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