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Temple destruction in Andhra Pradesh, YSR Congress suspects TDP

The sabotage of Hindu temples in various parts of Andhra Pradesh has sparked a new controversy. Opposition has targeted the Jagmohan Reddy government for failing to sabotage Hindu temples in the state, and the YSR Congress party suspects the Tulugu Desam Party of involvement.

The incident was exacerbated on Saturday when TDP president and former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu visited the 400-year-old Ramtirtham temple in Bijiangaram district. Where on 29th December some miscreants broke the idol of Lord Rama and threw the head of the idol in a tank. Naidu walked with the senior leaders of his party to visit the temple at the top of the hill. However, the main gate of the temple was closed at that time. Naidu spoke to the priests and other officials there.

Describing Chief Minister YS Jagmanmohan Reddy as a “traitor to Hindus”, Naidu said there were 127 incidents of temple attacks and idol-breaking during the last 18 months of YSRC rule in the state. Which has hurt the feelings of Hindu devotees. He said none of the accused in the case has yet been sentenced to date.

Speaking to media, YSR Congress leader Vijayashai Reddy alleged that the TDP was behind the attack on the temples. He is a member of the TDP Legislative Council. Lokesh has been challenged to open a debate on the issue. BJP MLC Madhav said that when the chariots were burnt, if only the government had shown toughness, the incident would not have happened. Led by the Police Super Princess, the police handled the situation with great difficulty. They are this
Political leaders have been warned to take action when the issue is politicized.

At the same time, another YSRC leader and government adviser, Srijala Ramakrishna Radio, blamed the TDP president for the attack on the temple. He said efforts were being made to attract the attention of the people by launching a dignified land distribution project.

Immediately, on December 29, some miscreants smashed the idol of Lord Rama and dumped the head of the idol in a tank.


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