Tata and Larson and Turbo are the two organizations coming forward to be elected for the next few weeks in the new parliament building

Two Mumbai-based companies, Larsen &

Two Mumbai-based companies, Larsen & Turbo Limited and Tata Projects, submitted financial bids on Wednesday after qualifying in the technical round for construction of the new parliament building.

A total of three companies had skilled technical rounds, but only two submitted companies had financial bids. The companies had to submit financial bids by Wednesday. Official sources said only three companies had pre-qualified in the first round and submitted only two bids today.


Among the two companies, Tata Projects Ltd has bid Rs 6,611.90 crore for the new parliament building and Larson & Turbo Ltd Rs 65,6565 crore. This official said that it will be finalized in a few weeks.

After disqualifying four companies for the construction of the new parliament building complex, three Mumbai-based companies were shortlisted for the contract – Larsen & Turbo Limited, Tata Projects and Shampu Palanji & Co Pvt. The Hindustan Times first reported on August 12.

In the technical phase of Central Public Works Department (CPWD), Mumbai Construction and Civil Engineering Company ITD Cementation India Limited, Hyderabad-headquartered NCC Limited, Ahmedabad PSP Projects Limited and Uttar Pradesh State Government U.P. Was declared ineligible.


Based on the evaluation, CPWD disqualified four companies for not fulfilling the conditions mentioned in the bidding document.

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