Sushant Singh’s case: Find out how many years Riya Chakraborty can be sentenced if convicted


Riya Chakraborty was arrested on Tuesday on drug charges in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. The Bureau of Narcotics Control (NCB) took the step after a three-day investigation. Riya is also accused of committing suicide and embezzling Rs 15 crore from Sushant. The action has been taken against Rear under the NDPS Act relating to the purchase, possession and possession of drugs. Rhea, however, has previously denied allegations of drug abuse.

The NCB has arrested Riya Chakraborty under sections 6 (c), 20 (b), 227 (a), 28 and 29 of the NDPS Act in the case of Susanta’s death. Riya could be sentenced to ten to 20 years in prison under these sections.

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Section 20 of the NDPS Act

Under this section, punishment is imposed for cultivation, production, ownership, sale, purchase, transaction, trade at the inter-state level. If a person is found in small quantities with a drug, it is for six months. There may be penalties or fines. There can also be severe imprisonment. There may be a fine of ten thousand rupees. If found as extra, a fine of up to Rs 1 lakh can be imposed with a fine of 10 years.

Article 27, Section 8A of the NDPS Act

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Property is the act of taking part in a crime committed in India or any other country, or of unlawfully secreting property or assisting a person in a crime. Will be considered. It can carry a minimum sentence of three to 10 years.

Section 26 of the NDPS Act

Under it, people are punished for trying to commit drug offenses. If the accused commits any act related to such a crime, that person will be liable to punishment for that crime.

Section 29 of the NDPS Act

Under this section the accused is punished for pardon and criminal conspiracy. The accused will be entitled to the same punishment as the original offender.

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