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Starting education in Bihar from today: Know these guidelines before sending your children to school

School, coaching and college premises will be closed for about 296 days from today amid the Corona crisis in Bihar. Children in grades nine through twelve will go to school after Corona’s vacation. Chahal’s initiative will also start in colleges and coaching campuses. Significantly, schools have been closed since March 14. Only fifty percent of the children have to be called in one day.

Children, teachers and staff have been made obligated to follow Quran safety standards. Regular classes will be held every day from Monday. Preparations have been completed in coaching, schools and colleges. Each school has prepared a schedule. Schools will be open from 8:30 am. Most schools will last five to six hours. The school will have no assembly or sports periods. Lunch time has also been set aside to avoid gathering of students on the school premises. Packaged food should be brought for lunch. All these instructions have been sent to the parents from the school.

On Sunday, a meeting of the Patna District Education Office and the school association was held on the school premises and to take precautionary measures regarding the rescue of Corona. It instructed the school administration to follow the guidelines issued for the rescue of Corona, and asked the school campus to take measures to prevent infection. DEO Jyoti Kumar said that every school has to be very careful.

The driver and driver mask will be:

The schools that provided bus facilities to the students have sanitized the buses on Sunday. The driver and the evacuated bus will be kept at a distance of one to two feet between the students.

All students are forbidden to talk to each other while getting on the bus. Each student will come to school after wearing a mask. Baldwin Academy principal Rajeev Ranjan said cautionary instructions have been sent to all students on the bus.

Students call the preboard

Since the school started pre-boarding on January 4, only tenth and twelfth board candidates have been called to Notidom Academy and Dan Basco Academy. DAV BSEB will open from 5 January.

Round circle in the classroom from the main gate

All the schools have formed a circle in the classroom from the main gate. Students will walk in the same cycle from the school premises to the classroom. A distance of two to three feet will be kept between each student. GJ Galston, director of St. Dominic Soviet High School, said a team of teachers had been formed to monitor social distance.

Instructions for parents

Send the student to school according to their schedule
Send gloves, masks and water bottles
Put hand sanitizer and mask in the bag
Inform students at the school not to share anything with each other
Put homemade food in a tiffin box

Instructions for school

Sanitize the school every day
Call 50 percent of students by equivalent or subject roll number
Get parental permission before school opens on Sunday
Sanitize entrances, laboratories, libraries, toilets, etc. every day
If a teacher has a cough, cold or fever, do not call the teacher
Handwashing is a must for hand washing

Schools will open from Monday. A meeting with the DEO was held on Sunday at the school premises to follow Corona’s instructions. It has prepared a guideline for school administration and parents. Guidelines have been sent to all parents. CB Singh, President, Swadhinata Vidyalaya Samiti, Bihar


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