Serious court remarks on Delhi violence – Let the rioters understand that they have been given money


The court made important remarks during the hearing of a riot case in north-east Delhi. The court said the case involved some people who joined the rioters, provoked by provocative speeches by their community leaders. The riot case is so big that it will increase the number of accused. Instead of finding fault with such accusers, they should look for ways to improve. The court granted bail to one of the accused, citing the possibility of an amendment.

Carcardoma-based Special Judge Sunil Chowdhury Chowdhury told the court that the conspiracy behind the riots was huge. However, most of those who were legged have no previous criminal record. During the investigation, such individuals were also caught on CCTV cameras, which was considered one of the most peaceful and processionable in the region. In such a situation, the court should look at the whole case from the perspective that those who were not part of the conspiracy in the riots and those who were involved in inciting or encouraging the leaders should be given a chance to improve if there were no cases in the past. They should be given the opportunity to understand that they have been destroyed by making money.

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The accused has been granted bail

The court granted bail to the accused in the riot case on the basis of a personal bond of Tk 20,000 and the same amount of bail. The court said that according to the report submitted by the investigating officer, there were no cases or allegations against this accused in the past. The court further told the accused that his lack of understanding of what he had received from the rioters must be understood. He should also understand that there is no benefit in riots. It is a democratic country. All people are equal here.

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The CCTV camera was broken and robbed

In this case, the victim complained to the police that on 25 February a crowd had gathered outside his house. The mob smashed the camera in his house. He broke the window of his house and snatched the bicycle standing outside. In this regard, a Delhi Police constable, quoting the government’s CCTV cameras some distance away, said that many people were identified in the crowd.

Arrested July 15

The accused was arrested on July 15 after questioning the other accused in the case. The accused said that he was also with the accused. However, he could not say whether the accused was involved in any sabotage or loss of life or property.

Police to identify the main conspirators

The court said 751 FIRs related to the riots have been registered and more than 25 hundred people have been arrested so far. The arrest process continues. The court said the police should be selected for those who played a role in the conspiracy and continuation of the riots. Because this plot is too big. We need to reach out to those who have tried to disrupt the unity, integrity and peace of the country.

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