Scientists claim that the coronavirus will be controlled in the country in February next year

Scientists claim that the coronavirus will be controlled in the country in February next year


The assessment of the country’s top scientific organizations has claimed that the corona epidemic will be under control by February 2021. By then, the number of patients with corona symptoms in the country would have reached 116 crore. However, the number of new infections in the plan will be in the thousands which can be easily managed. An expert committee chaired by Professor M Vidyasagar of IIT Hyderabad released the results of its survey on Sunday. Professor Vidyasagar and Professor Manindra Agarwal of IIT Kanpur told a press conference that the number of people infected with symptoms by February 21 will be 106 lakh, which is currently close to 66.66 lakh. The epidemic is also expected to be under control by February. However, this will only be possible if people follow the rules of protection against corona.


30 percent infected

The survey said that so far 30 percent of the country’s people have been infected with corona. The figure was seven percent in the ICMR’s Sero survey. However, a new study found that 14 percent were infected by the end of August.

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Lockdown is effective

The report said that if the lockdown had not been carried out, there would have been 1.40 crore cases with active symptoms in June. By August, more than 2.6 million people could have died there. As of February 21, 2.04 crore had been infected. If there is a lockdown between April 1 and May 1, there are 40-50 lakh active cases between June. At the end of August, 7-10 lakh people would have died here. The report said the lockdown peaked in September with 30 million active patients. One lakh people died in September and 1.06 crore people will be affected by the symptoms by February 21.


Expatriate workers did not spread

According to the survey, the risk of the spread of corona in rural areas due to migrant workers proved unacceptable. Special research was done in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Because most of the migrant workers returned to this state. This is because they had to be separated before reaching the village. If the migrant workers were allowed to go to the villages before the lockdown, the infection could have increased further.

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Infection can increase at festivals

The report said the infection could increase due to festivals and celebrations. Onam festival has been blamed for the recent surge in infections in Kerala. If the immune system is relaxed, there could be an increase of 26 lakh infections a month.

No major lockdown required

The report said lockdowns at or above the district level would not be effective. It is no longer kept.

Top institutions involved in research

Scientists from IIT Kanpur, Hyderabad, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, ISI Kolkata, NIV Pune, PSA Office, Armed Forces Medical Services, CMC Vellore and others are involved in the study.



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