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School Reopens 2021: Learn Guidelines for Coaching and Educational Institutions Open Today

2021 School reopening: Ninth to twelfth schools, colleges, coaching institutes and other educational institutions will be opened across the state from Monday. All precautions regarding rescue of students from Kovid-19 will be read and studied carefully. Students will be present in each classroom at half capacity. About 1.25 lakh masks will be given to 3 lakh 36 thousand 1 thousand 992 children studying in about 70,000 government schools of the state through livelihood according to two masks. Only 18 lakh 30 thousand 971 children will come to this school in one day. Be aware that in the wake of the Corona crisis, all educational institutions have been closed since 2020. About nine and a half months later, that is, after 296 days of imprisonment, they will return in amazement when these institutes open on Monday. Also, children will have freedom from online classes.

A meeting of the State Disaster Group chaired by Chief Secretary Deepak Kumar on December 16 decided to open the school-college-coaching institute from January 4, 2021. On December 24, the Department of Education issued a detailed guideline on conducting safe activities. After that, the DEO and DM met with the directors of schools, colleges, universities and coaching institutes in all the districts and made them aware of their guidelines. Following the publication of the guidelines, the task of sanitizing the premises and classrooms of all educational institutions at the local level was entrusted to the heads of educational institutions. The schools also ensured that children could sit at a distance of six feet.

Principal Secretary to the Education Department Sanjay Kumar told Hindustan on Sunday that full arrangements have been made to open schools and colleges from January 4. All district education officers have been instructed in this regard. All district magistrates themselves have been requested to monitor the safe movement of students. The Department of Secondary Education of the Department of Education will monitor it itself. He said that the opening of school-college after nine months is also important for us. Maintenance is important in the first few days. Based on this experience, a decision will be made to open a school from the first to the eighth grade.

This arrangement will be in accordance with the guideline

– There will be regular health checkups of students and teachers.

– Taskforce will be implemented in schools to implement the protocol.
– One day only 50 percent of the students in a class will come to school.

– Ensuring the facilities of doctors and nurses in the vicinity of the school.
– Students and their parents must give written notice to stay healthy.

– There is also an option to study from home.
– Parents who come to school must give their consent.

– Classes and vehicles will be sanitized twice daily.
– Two students have to sit six feet.

– Coaching will get conditional permission, DM protocol work plan must be submitted.
– Arrangements will be made to keep the children safe in the school.

-All activities like mob bells, prayer sessions etc. will be banned.
– Arrangements will also be made for safe movement of students.

– The sale of food items inside the school will be prohibited.
– Touches of door latches, dashboards, rubbish, bench-desks and teaching materials will be regulated.


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