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Reward Reveals Privacy, Underworld Don Kutty Says – ‘Dawood-Salem’ Friend, Anyone Will Work

Inam Ali of Telco Barinagar in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, told police that Dawood’s bird Abdul Majid Kutty said that Dawood Ibrahim, Abu Salem, little Shakil were all his friends. Tell me if there is any work. He once wanted to talk to David, but he could not talk to David when he was near the hut. Majid used to talk to Underworld Dawn. People in the underworld knew that Kutty’s passport was made in India, he made it.

One was a biceps employee, then moved to Malaysia

Inam said in his fake statement that he went to Malaysia in 2009 and stayed there for a month and a half. The reason behind going to Malaysia was that Tata Motors was in recession at that time. He was an employee of Tata Motors Biosic. When there was no work, his financial situation was not so good. He then moved to Malaysia. In Malaysia, he used to watch the cottage furniture work for a month and a half. In return he gets Rs.00 / -. Inam said in his statement that Kutty has its own network in Malaysia. He is currently a permanent employee of Tata Motors.

Smuggling of gold and silver biscuits
Inam said Majid also smuggled gold and silver biscuits from Malaysia. On several occasions, he spoke of smuggling silver biscuits from Ahmedabad in Gujarat. But he was not ready for that. Kutti used to come and go to his bank while he was in Malaysia.

Kutty told the story of the weapon
Inam told police that Kutty told the story in 1996, when he collected arms in India through Pakistan. He said that while he was in Dubai, Abu Salam sent him there saying that the weapon was being kept in Gujarat. For this he formed his own team. He then sent his men to collect the shipment of weapons, which was seized. He only said his name. His house in South Mumbai was in ruins. He then fled to Dubai with a fake passport. Since then he has been in Dubai.

A fake passport was burnt in Mumbai
Inam said he went to Dubai for a job in 1999, where he met Kutty at a hotel. He sent him a fake passport in Mumbai with someone else’s name and photo. After coming to Mumbai, he came to Jamshedpur. Kutty said he would burn the passport after arriving in India. So he burned his passport in Mumbai himself.

Rewards from the underworld as well
In the FIR filed with the police against Inam, he has revealed his connection with the underworld. Apart from this, he has also been accused of misleading the police. He has been sent to Sakchi Jail after Invi Kovid was found negative in the investigation. He will stay there for 15 days, after which he will be sent to Ghadidih prison.


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