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Ramlala gave 56 vows in Ayodhya on the first day of the new year

On the first day of the new year in Ayodhya, 56 meals were served at Sriramala. Ramlala priest Satyendra Das said Ramlala was also given new clothes. On Friday, God was given a cream-colored dress. After the morning puja, Ramlala was given 56 bhogs in the afternoon offering. As it was the first day of the year, the crowd gathered to see Ramlala.

On the first day of the year, 56 meals are served at the Ramlala temple each time. Bhog Prasad was distributed among the pilgrims who reached Ayodhya along with the security forces deployed for security. Acharya Satyendra Das, the chief priest, said Ramlala wore new clothes to celebrate the new year. Today, Ramlala’s Darshan Aarti also had a large number of devotees. Devotees donated to the Ramalala charity for the construction of the Ram temple.

The chief priest said that after the ordeal, Ramlala has been prayed not to face any kind of trouble from the countrymen this year. May the wishes of the people who come to visit Ramlala be fulfilled.

One lakh offerings every day

Since the Bhumipujan temple in Ayodhya, the number of Ram devotees who come here regularly has been increasing. From August, the brightness of Ramnagar increased even more. Since then, Ram devotees have been donating an average of one lakh rupees every day. This is a record increase.

In the first corona of Bhumi Pujo, this number was limited to ten to 15 thousand, but the number of devotees then increased almost fivefold. The amount between the last two sides was 14 and 15 lakhs respectively. Ramlala’s offerings are counted twice a month. Withdrawing money from the grant after every fortnight, the bank staff calculates it under the supervision of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust and deposits it in the bank account.

On August 5, Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered land for the construction of the Ram Temple. The amount received in the donation box that month was about 29 lakh rupees. In the following months, it was given in the same proportions. Sometimes a grant of Rs. 1 lakh, sometimes Rs. 12 lakh or sometimes Rs.


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