Rahul Gandhi said the new agricultural law has attacked

Rahul Gandhi said – the new agricultural law has attacked the soul of ‘every farmer’

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday intensified his attack on the central government over the new agriculture law, claiming that it attacked the lives of every farmer and weakened the country’s foundations. “These three laws attack the lives of every farmer in this country, they attack their (farmers’) blood and sweat,” he said. And the farmers and workers of this country can understand that. “

Referring to the tractor rallies against the new agricultural laws during his recent visit to Punjab and Haryana, Rahul said, “I came to Punjab and Haryana a few days ago and every farmer and worker knows that these three laws are under attack.

He said he was happy that the Punjab government had decided to hold a special session of the Legislative Assembly on October 19 to discuss the new agriculture law at the Center, where legislators would decide on the law. He said this in a digital speech on the occasion of the launch of the second phase of ‘Smart Village’ campaign in Punjab. The first episode of this campaign started in 2019.

Under this campaign, Rs. 2,26363 crore has been allocated for about 50,000 different development works. Attacking the BJP-led central government over the new agriculture law, Rahul said, “If we weaken the country’s base (farmers), India will become weaker.”

“The Congress party is fighting to secure and strengthen this foundation,” he said. This is the difference between us and the central government. They (center) insist on schemes from the top level without considering the panchayat and the people and their laws have weakened the foundation of India.

The former Congress president said, “If these laws are in the interest of the peasants and workers, why did the government not allow them to be discussed before they were passed in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha?” Why were they afraid to negotiate? The whole country will observe the discussion and decide whether these laws are in the interest of the farmers.

“But the voices of Indian farmers were suppressed in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha,” Rahul said. I am happy that the voices of farmers and workers will be heard in the special session of the Punjab Legislative Assembly. It is noteworthy that three bills related to agriculture were recently passed during the monsoon session of Parliament and became law after the approval of President Ram Nath Kobind.

Congress, many opposition parties and many peasant organizations are opposing this new agricultural law. They claim that these will harm the interests of the farmers and benefit the corporates. However, the central government has denied that the new agricultural law will benefit farmers and increase their income.

In his speech, Rahul said, “Every building has a foundation. If it is weak, the building will collapse. If there is an assembly building, then the foundation of the Panchayat and the Sarpanch is … If we have to develop Punjab or India, we have The building and its foundations need to be strengthened, he said, adding that the Smart Village campaign aims at it.

All the gram panchayats in Punjab took part in the digital program organized to launch the campaign.

The Congress leader said, “When Congress runs a program, be it MNREGA, Right to Food or Rural Infrastructure, we run it through panchayats … because we know that if we are involved in panchayats, if included, the program is effectively run.” If we insist on implementing our program from the top level without involving panchayats and local MLAs, it is going to fail because there will be no participation of the people.

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He said, “I am sorry, the people of Punjab are also sad that the center is attacking the soul of Punjab.” Chief Minister Singh said the Centre’s new agriculture law would be discussed in a special session of the Legislative Assembly on Monday, aimed at tackling the destructive effects of these laws on farmers and making them effective.

He said his government would take every step to curb these ‘black laws’ and protect the farmers of Punjab. Singh said he would dedicate every day of his life to Punjab.

He also announced the government’s decision to give property rights to the long-term people in the Lal Dora area.

Lal Dora is a piece of land that is part of the village habitat and is used for non-agricultural purposes.

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