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Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of the light house project, saying the country’s focus on the needs of the poor and middle class.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of the ambitious Light House Project (LHP) to be built in Indore on the first day of the new year. Governor Anandiben Patel, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Madhya Pradesh government ministers and other people’s representatives also took part in the program through virtual.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Speech Live Update:

>> Karona forces our workers to accept those who do not accept the power. In the city, our workers do not have affordable housing. It is the responsibility of all our countrymen to live with labor dignity. With this in mind, the government is insisting on building houses with reasonable rent with industry and other investors and trying to build a house in the area where they work.

>> The government is constantly trying to strengthen the country’s real estate sector. I believe that everyone’s dream of housing will come true.

>> Investment in infrastructure and construction and especially in the housing sector is a strength factor of the economy. The presence of such a large quantity of steel, cement, construction materials accelerates the whole sector.

>> Another big step was taken during the Corona crisis last year. The move is an affordable rental housing complex. The target of this project is our workers who come from one state to another state or from village to town.

>> Many doors are being opened with the keys of this house. The key to the house opens the door to a dignified and secure life. It gives a confidence. This key is also opening the door to their progress

>> Housing for all, every effort is being made to achieve this goal by changing the lives of millions of poor and middle class families. These homes are boosting the confidence of the poor. These houses are empowering the youth of the country.

>> The people now have the power of law like RRA. RERA has restored the confidence of the people that the project they are investing in will end, their homes will no longer be harvested. Today, about 1,000 real estate projects in the country are registered under RERA. Thousands of complaints have been settled under this law.

>> The middle class living in cities is benefiting from the government’s efforts. The middle class is being given a discount on the interest on a certain amount of home loan for their home. During the Corona Crisis, the government launched a special scheme to reduce interest rates on home loans.

>> In addition to providing housing to the poor, the second scheme has been added as a package. Water, electricity, gas, toilets and other necessary facilities are being ensured in the houses where the poor are living.

>> Living in a poor or middle class city, their biggest dream is to have their own home in which their happiness, joy and sorrow are born. But over the years, people have lost confidence in their homes. The price of the house became so high that the confidence of their home began to crumble. One reason was whether the law would support us or not, the situation in the housing sector was that people suspected that the law would not support them in case of any riots. The high interest rates of the banks, problems in getting loans were also the reasons for this.

>> The Asha India program is being conducted in the country to promote research and startups related to modern housing technology. Through this, new and affordable technology for 21st century home building will be developed in India.

>> Experts know about it but the countrymen also need to know about them. Because today this technology is being used in a city, tomorrow it may spread across the country.

>> These projects will be formed by modern technology and innovative process. There will be less construction time and more affordable and comfortable homes ready for the poor.

>> This lighthouse project is now a perfect example of how the country works. We also need to understand the big vision behind this. At one time housing projects were not a priority of the central government. The government did not go towards the basics and quality of house building.

According to official data, Indore has been selected by the Government of India, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development to create a light house project (LHP) at the national level through competition in the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme (Urban) Global Housing Technology Challenge India. The selection of Indore, the cleanest city in the country for the implementation of the light house project, is a matter of pride for Madhya Pradesh.

The implementation of LHP in Indore will encourage new building construction techniques in the state and will also reduce construction time with the use of new techniques. In this ambitious project in Indore, 1,024 residential units should be built through a predefined sandwich panel system. This prefabricated prefabricated sandwich panel system has fancy fabrication methods with wall panels, a core of light weight concrete and cement fiber board.

For the first time in Madhya Pradesh, such a large scale sandwich panel system is being used in any building project. During the implementation of the light house project it can be used as a live laboratory by various educational institutions like IIT, IIM, NIT, other engineering colleges and state building agencies.

After the construction period expires, students and researchers will have access to information about used pre-fabricated prefabricated sandwich panel systems through workshops and site visits. Also, other cities in the country will benefit from the technological innovation of the lighthouse project.

Indore has set a new standard in terms of cleanliness and will play an important role in making the country a world leader in the promotion of new construction technology in Indore through the Light House Project.


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