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Pakistani terrorist agency now employs cyber technology

Pakistan’s intelligence agencies and terrorist groups have now started recruiting in Jammu and Kashmir using applications in cyber and mobile space due to strict surveillance by Indian security forces. The security forces have made it difficult for them to communicate directly. Officials said this on Sunday.

He quoted intelligence reports and technical surveillance as saying that Pakistan’s ISI handlers often used fake videos of atrocities committed by security forces to provoke their feelings to involve newcomers. Misconceptions are being made for this.

Earlier, these terrorists used to have physical contact with new people to involve them in terrorist organizations. But after the surveillance of the security agencies, these people were forced to change their ways. Security agencies leaked more than 24 terrorist modules in 2020 and arrested more than 40 terrorist supporters or sympathizers.

Last month, two militants, Tawar Waghei and Amir Ahmed Mir, surrendered to the 34th National Rifles. These individuals provided in-depth information about their involvement in terrorist modules, which showed that large-scale people were being involved using cyber technology.

Officials said the two terrorists came in contact with a Pakistani handler through Facebook, who persuaded them to hire them and handed over an employer named Khalid and Mohammad Abbas Sheikh. He said both terrorists were given online training using various links on forums like YouTube.

Officials said security agencies leaked several modules following intelligence provided by local residents. Officials say there are about 40 such cases. These people were crossing the border waiting for orders. He said terrorist groups were certainly facing an arms shortage and that this was one of the reasons why Pakistan-based terrorist organizations were focusing more on sending more weapons.


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