Pakistan lied Pakistan’s side in the UN General Assembly, India reprimanded India

Pakistan has once again taken the same old Kashmir rage to the UN General Assembly. Pakistan is not only lying on the Kashmir issue, it is also making endless false allegations against India. India on Friday retaliated against Pakistan for raising the issue of Jammu and Kashmir at the UN General Assembly, saying Islamabad had “repeated lies, carried out personal attacks”.

Ambassador TS Tirumurthy, India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, tweeted, “Pakistan’s PM’s statement is another diplomatic fall. Another lie is a private attack and an attempt to cover up terrorism against Pakistan’s minorities and border terrorism.”

India boycotts Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s statement at UN ready to respond to right to reply

In his pre-recorded video address to the th5th session of the UN General Assembly, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan mentioned India’s internal affairs, including Jammu and Kashmir. Imran Khan had to lie once again while addressing the UN General Assembly. He said that the RSS was trying to build India as a Hindu nation, leaving behind the secular values ​​of Gandhi and Nehru. Let us know that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the UN Conference today. There is a possibility that Prime Minister Modi may respond appropriately to Pakistan during his speech.

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When India was mentioned in Khan’s speech, Mizito Vinito, the first secretary of India’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations, walked out of the General Assembly Hall. At the same time, India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Imran Khan, described the statement as “diplomatically low”. He said Imran Khan’s remarks included making false allegations, making personal attacks and making comments about India without looking at the situation of minorities in his country. He said the answer would be given in the right to reply.

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