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Now the police can know every tactic of the criminals with just one click, the MOB is preparing the Home Ministry

If a person pretends to be a suicide bomber, they tie something to his body. It went to a bank in Delhi for the purpose of robbery. In such a situation, a Delhi Police officer can find out if such an incident has taken place in any state in the past with a single click. Similarly, if a gang roams the country’s highways to rob people, every policeman in the country can know their method.

It is a part of the digital database created by the center which is designed to collect modus operandi used in various criminal groups or attacks. Based on artificial intelligence and natural language processing, this system will help police departments resolve future cases quickly. It will also help in finding out about the new methods adopted by the criminals.

Aware of the case, the Modus Operandi Bureau (MOB) database will compile a list of more than 100 Modus Operandi or trademarks / accused persons for various offenses in the database, which will be updated periodically on the basis of new offenses.

The module was developed under the auspices of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). It will be available in all 16,000 police stations across the country through CCTNS (Crime and Criminal Tracking System).

On condition of anonymity, a Home Ministry official said, “Criminals regularly adopt new tactics. The list of modus operandi can never be complete. Police investigations will now have a technical solution where they will be able to read the FIR reports of cases gathered in the CCTNS system with the help of AI and NLP. “

Not only this, NCRB is also working on voice analysis to identify the perpetrators of threatening / ransom phone calls, for which a voice sample database of criminals arrested in CCTNS is being created.

For example, why did the perpetrators of the Hyderabad gangrape case (November 2019) burn the body of the victim and that too in a special way? And will they repeat the crime, they were not shot? Other information will be available including interviews, family profiles, socio-economic factors.

An IPS official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that when computers were not used much, the details of each offender were kept on a card. The search for these cards was a manual for the search for any possible criminals involved. The investigating officer had to come to the state’s local Modus Apprentice Bureau to conduct related research. These were usually kept at the district or state level. But in a new way it can be solved through laptop or computer.


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