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New strains of corona will be harder to control, the study revealed

Despite a month-long lockdown, new forms of corona spread to different parts of England, and the old form of corona came under control with this lockdown. Following a survey of trends in infection in the UK, concerns have been raised that the corona epidemic could sweep the world if this new form continues.

This new version B.1.1..7 was last found in the UK in mid-September last year and since then it has spread to many parts of the UK and has now reached many countries. There have been 23 changes to the genetic code of this variant, some of which spread very quickly. The rapid spread of this new variant forced many countries to ban travel to Britain.

So far, a total of 33 countries, including India, have confirmed that a new strain of corona has been found in their country. Health authorities around the world have begun genomic surveillance of the new strain, as well as vaccinations in many countries to control the new strain.

The new study also found that the new form of corona not only spreads faster but it affects more young people, so far the corona virus has spread more rapidly among the elderly.

The report was released on Thursday. According to the authors of the report, “We have found evidence that policies such as Lockdown in November 2020 succeeded in overcoming the old form of Corona, but at the same time other restrictions such as Lockdown failed to prevent new forms.”

The survey was conducted by Imperial College London, University of Edinburgh, Public Health England, Birmingham University of the Welcome Singer Institute and the Covid-19 Genomics UK consortium.

Neil Ferguson, vice dean of the School of Public Health at Imperial College London, said: “This study shows that the new form spreads very quickly and can be very difficult to control.” So we should start the vaccine soon.


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