NDRF takes command of floods in rivers of northern Bihar, no relief from floods

Rivers in northern Bihar have receded on Sunday due to rains. Despite this, life is flooding in Darbhanga, Samatipur, East Champaran, West Champaran, Sitamahari, Shibahar and Muzaffarpur. More than fifty villages in these districts have been flooded. Traffic on the main roads has come to a standstill.

In East Champaran, NDRF assistance is being sought after the situation worsens. A dozen villages in Darbhanga have re-entered the flood waters. Schools, Anganwari centers and roads are submerged in water. Even in West Champaran, the affected families are taking shelter of their cattle in safe places. The traffic jam has come to a standstill due to waterlogging on more than two hundred roads in Muzaffarpur. Flood victims are traveling by boat. In Samastipur, the water levels of Ganga, Budhi Gandak and Bagmati rivers continue to rise. The main road at Gangaura in Kalaunjar panchayat of Chakmehshi broke due to rising water level in Bagmati. Floodwaters have inundated several houses at Morwara in Kalyanpur.

Water enters many villages of Darbhanga, roads are submerged

The situation has been aggravated by the flooding of ten villages between two dams on the Kamala River through the Ghanshyampur block of Darbhanga. The main rural road between Baur and Ghanshyampur was submerged in the flood waters, causing traffic jams. The middle school has entered half a dozen school blocks, including Rossiari, a middle school Bauer girls school. Raincoats are being repaired due to increasing pressure on the embankment. The problem of floods continues in Hanuman Nagar. Traffic on the Harichanda-Kali Dehlahi road was disrupted in Panchv Panchayat. The water level of Bagmati and Adhowara is also rising.

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P. Champaran families took refuge on the streets

In West Champaran, water levels in a dozen rivers, including Gandak, Sikarhana, Pandai and Masan, have started receding, but no relief has yet been received from the floods. The victims have taken shelter in the streets along with the cows. Traffic on the Batia-Narkatiaganj, Loria-Narkatiaganj and Loria-Ramnagar roads was closed for the third day on Sunday due to floods in Sikrana. Three to four feet of water is flowing on these roads. Loria’s Ashoka Pillar Complex is still submerged. One lakh cusec cusecs of water was released from Valmiki Nagar barrage on Sunday. Here, the Masan River encircles a dozen villages in Ramnagar and Chautarwar. In Gunaha and Naraktiyaganj, the water of half a dozen hilly rivers including Pandai and Haraboda has entered half a dozen villages. Shikta’s communication with the sub-divisional office has been cut off due to water flowing on the Narakatiaganj-Balth road. The dam of Rangi canal in Sikta broke on the west side of Magia village. Water is flowing on Baktanpur and Ghogha Betia-Manatanda roads.

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Large blocks of four blocks in East Champaran have been damaged

Floods in four blocks of East Champaran have affected a large number of people. Dozens of villages were inundated despite the river water level remaining stable in Banjaria, Kesaria, Sangrampur and Sugauli. NDRF is conducting rescue and relief operations in the flood affected villages of Sangramram block. Many village blocks in the Banjariya block have lost contact with the headquarters. The Sikarahan River is sinking in many places in Sugauli. The water level of Gandak Chatia, Budhi Gandak river Lalbekeya and Gandak barrage has decreased. Water level rise has been recorded at Lalbegia and Dumariaghat.

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Half a dozen blocks of flood-damaged Sitamarhi

The water level of Bagmati and Adhowara groups in Sitamarhi district has started declining. However, Bagmati is still out of the red mark in four places. The water of Adhowara group’s river is spreading to new areas. The floods have inundated paddy and vegetable crops, costing farmers millions of rupees. Dozens of houses in the district were flooded. At the same time, people are taking refuge in higher ground due to the ingress of water into houses in the low-lying areas. Sursand, Parihar, Dumra, Riga, Bajpatti and Pupuri blocks of the district have been affected by the floods.

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