MP: Two and a half hundred women turned into water in mountain ponds, ‘Dasharath Manji’

You must have heard the story of Dasaratha Manji of Bihar, who cut a whole mountain with a hammer and chisel in the village of Gahlaur near Gai and built a road. Women living in a village in Chhatrapur, Madhya Pradesh, have shown similar feelings.

Twenty-two women from Angarotha village in Chhatarpur district cut a hill to build a waterway. The village had been battling water shortages for a long time, then the women decided to solve it on their own.

Babita Rajput, a resident of the village, said that we had been working continuously for 18 months along the way. Water was present in the forest, but could not reach our village. “In such a situation, we village women decided to cut down the hill so that water could be brought to the village pond,” he said.

At the same time, another woman said, “We are working for ourselves here because there is a shortage of water.” We could not farm. About two and a half women from our village made a way to fetch water from the pond. It took us 18 months to complete this work. ‘

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Lung Bhuiyan of Bihar built the five kilometer long canal

At the same time, another incident like Dasaratha Manji was recently reported in Bihar, when a man named Lungi Bhuiyan, a five-kilometer-long man, went to alleviate the poverty of the people of Kothelwa village in the jungle bordering Imamganj and Gair Bankebazar blocks. The canal was dug. In 20 years, he dug pine five kilometers long, four feet wide and three feet deep. After that, Mahindra and Mahindra owner Anand Mahindra presented the tractor to Lobang Bhuiyan.

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