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Mehbooba Mufti says mainstream political parties have become a scapegoat for Jammu and Kashmir

Accusing the central government of cracking down on mainstream political parties in Jammu and Kashmir, former chief minister Mehbooba Mufti said, “Sadly, these parties have become scapegoats and everyone is blaming them.” Despite all this, the PDP leader said he was ready to wage a long and difficult political battle to restore Article 370 of the Constitution, which was illegally removed.

Mehbooba said, “Sadly, the mainstream has become a scapegoat and everyone is blaming him.” “The truth is, we will spend our entire political life from Kashmir to Delhi and to the anti-India and anti-Kashmir allegations of being pro-Pakistan,” he said.

In an interview with PTI here, Mehbooba emphasized that the six mainstream parties forming the PDP and the Gupta alliance were determined to fight for the restoration of the former state’s status in a democratic and peaceful way, but the Indian government is still suppressing us and voicing dissatisfaction.

The PDP leader was asked if he really hoped that any government of India would reverse the decision of Parliament to repeal Article 370 of August 5, 2019, a decision that was widely welcomed across the country. He said nothing is a line of stone.

Mehbooba said that if the decision of the parliament was final, millions of people would not have taken to the streets against laws like the CAA or the Agriculture Bill. He said that what was taken away from us in an unconstitutional manner should be returned, but it would be a long and difficult political battle.

The former chief minister said the victory of the Gupta Alliance (PAGD) in 112 of the 260 seats in the recent District Development Council (DDC) elections proved that the people had categorically rejected the decision to cancel Article 370. “Suddenly the DDC election presented us with a challenge and we were not given equal opportunity. We fought directly and fought the election unitedly so that the BJP and its pseudo-parties would not get any democratic place and they would weaken our people Does not give.

Mehbooba said, however, that the BJP had made it a referendum by raising the issue of Article 300 in the elections. So the people collectively voted for our alliance and made it clear that they reject the illegal decision of August 5, 2019. He said that the people were completely shocked and deceived by the decision to repeal Article 370 and divide the former state.

The PDP president said the decision had further alienated the people of Jammu and Kashmir from the country and further complicated the Kashmir issue. He said the way forward was to reconcile and engage in dialogue with all parties and discuss various solutions without compromising the sovereignty of the country and at the same time fulfill the aspirations of the people.

Asked about the PDP’s alliance with the BJP to form a government in the previous state, Mehbooba said, “My father (Mufti Mohammad Saeed) tried to negotiate with the BJP to form a broad-based alliance at the risk of everything.” . He said he was not disappointed with the BJP’s decision to break the alliance in 2013.


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