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Many birds die suddenly in Italy in the new year, you will know the reason

Coronavirus virus is one of the few years in the history of 2020 that people will not want to miss for decades to come. In the last one year, the coronavirus has wreaked havoc worldwide and has long forced people to be ‘captives’ in their homes. Millions of people lost their lives. However, now people have high hopes from the new year. It is believed that this new year will bring joy to the whole world. But on the first day of the new year in Rome, Italy, an incident came to light that shocked the people. People start thinking that this is not a good thing. In fact, many of the new birds in Rome died together. Birds falling from the sky were seen all over the road, who died. Pictures of the incident are going viral on social media.

Learn why the bird died

New Year is celebrated all over the world with fireworks. People party for hours and then fireworks are made in the sky. However, there were party bans in many places because of Corona, but fireworks did happen. That is why hundreds of sparrows died in Rome, Italy. Hundreds of birds are seen dead on the streets in pictures outside a train station in Rome. The incident took place at the sound of fireworks, according to the International Organization for Conservation of Animals.

He said that it lives in the vicinity of human houses around the bird house and starts flying here and there. Meanwhile, someone fought against the windows when someone was struck by a power line. Because of this he died. “Birds can die of fear,” said Loredana Degrio, a spokeswoman for the agency. They started flying in the sky due to fireworks and electric wire injuries. We should also not forget that many birds can die due to heart attack.

Fireworks cause problems for animals

Having fireworks causes a lot of trouble to the animals. Many times they are scared of it, many times they are injured due to running from here. A spokesman for the agency added, “Fireworks cause distress and injury to both wild and domestic animals every year.” Although curfews have been imposed in many places, including Rome, due to the corona virus, people have violated them indiscriminately.


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