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Love Jihad: Trying to be fanatical themselves, the student complained that the miscreants rocked the house

The miscreant tied a gun in front of the BSc nursing student and pressured him to get married and convert. The girl who escaped from the clutches went home and informed the family. The family complained at the rogue’s home. In it, the bad guy threatens to go to the girl’s house with some of his colleagues and threatens to kill her with a gun. A desperate student shouted at the police station that she would commit suicide if no action was taken. Police have now filed a profit jihad case against the three miscreants. The student alleged that she had been a victim of harassment for a long time. As a result, he became a TB patient and lost his studies.

The parents of a BSc student from a local in Faridpur died many years ago. He is with his relatives. It has been alleged that Abrar Khan of Mathia New Colony on the other side of the line was pressuring the student to convert during the molestation. The student was opposing her for studying without informing the family members. The girl was returning home from college on a scooter. Dabang surrounded and blocked the student near the toll plaza under construction on the highway. He started molesting the schoolgirl by dragging her out of the scooter. It is alleged that Dabang started pressuring the student to marry and force her to convert. Harassed, the girl reached her house and informed the family. Family members have protested. After that, Abrar Khan along with his companions Israr and Mysore reached the girl’s house with a gun. He dropped the mold and threatened to kill the student and his entire family. On Friday, the student reached the police station with her family members and lodged a complaint against Dabang and his associates. Police have filed cases of indecency and profit jihad. Kotwal Surendra Pachauri said the accused were being forced to arrest them. Strict action will be taken against them.

I will commit suicide if no action is taken
The miscreants had been pressuring them to follow them for months in order to convert. The student maintained silence for fear of missing studies, but when the limit was exceeded and the miscreants became so agitated that they started molesting on the highway, the girl informed the family. The student shouted at the police and said he would commit suicide if action was not taken against the three miscreants. The student said that she became a TV patient due to bullying. Night and day study is also stagnant. Police have promised to take action.


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