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Light rain in some parts of Delhi-NCR, find out when to get rid of winter

Light thunderstorms were seen in some areas of Delhi NCR on Sunday morning, while light thunderstorms were also seen in some places. Explain that the Meteorological Department had earlier warned that there could be rain in Delhi as the wind speed increases. The Meteorological Department today warned of light to moderate to heavy rains with thunderstorms in South Delhi (Ayanagar, Deramandi, Tughlaqabad) and several districts in Haryana.

Cool waves will return

Also yesterday, the IMD warned that rains could hit parts of Delhi NCR, Haryana and some parts of Uttar Pradesh due to unrest in the west. Although there is some relief from the cold wave, this relief will probably not last long. The Meteorological Department has forecast winter flow on January 28.

According to the Meteorological Department, where there is a possibility of rains in Delhi till January 5 due to active western instability, snowfall is also forecast in the Himalayan states during this period. In North Delhi from January and from January 8 in many parts of Delhi, cold spells may occur.

There is no release from pollution

Tomorrow Even the air level in the capital remains in a critical section and even today there is no hope of relief. Despite the rains, the weather conditions have not improved and it is believed that the people of Delhi will get some relief from the toxic air after it rains today. Besides, the minimum temperature will be increased in the coming days.

The minimum temperature can reach 9 degrees

According to the forecast released by the Meteorological Department, a record rise in minimum temperatures could be recorded in the coming days due to rains. The minimum temperature in Delhi on Monday was recorded at 9 degrees. Which will be 2 degrees above normal and the maximum temperature is likely to be close to 20 degrees. Due to rains, Delhi’s minimum temperature which may be recorded at 9 degrees in January is expected to be 5 degrees Celsius on January 8 due to 4 degree cold spell.


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