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You will be surprised to know that the hair we do not like to touch after cutting is more valuable than silver. Yes yes this hair is auctioned. The price is not the same, but according to the length of the hair. 20 to 28 inch hair is sold for Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000, then 50 inch hair is sold for Rs 70,000 per kg
To reach. The price of cheap hair is 10 thousand rupees per kg. And this same discarded hair is blessing two young entrepreneurs.

Tirupati went to Balaji and came back with an idea

If there is a desire to do something, nothing is difficult. Young entrepreneurs Shilpa Gupta and Ashish Dhawan have proved it. Started business on the basis of innovation and achieved success. Until seven years ago, they were both living normal lives. Worked in a small company. Once Tirupati went on a trip with Balaji’s family. I’ve seen people donate hair there. They thought the hair might have been discarded, but were surprised to learn that the donated hair could be worth billions.

It was from here that an idea was born in his business mind. Back in Kanpur, this discarded hair connects with the fashion world. Designer hair styles are passionate in design and export. The United States and Europe immediately accepted their futile business. The result is that at the age of 27, the hair business of these two young men has reached 8 million. He has set up hair making factories in Fazalganj, Kanpur and Andhra Pradesh.

Shilpa graduated from Delhi, Ashish, a resident of Sarojini Nagar, Kanpur, did MBA and LLB. After returning from Tirupati, he studied international science. Go to Balaji and do research. Taking feedback from the market I found that there is a huge demand for designer hair not only in Europe and America, but also in India. Today these young entrepreneurs do everything made with hair. Prepare the emptiness of the scalp from real hair to hair, carotene, clippings, toppers, bundle or wift hair, wigs and eyebrows.

Not an easy business

The business of connecting real hair with the fashion world is not easy. The value of the hair purchased can be seen before. When the hair is removed from the head during donation, it is kept as a bunch. They contain a mixture of all types of hair. The hair is very dirty. They are cleaned in the factory. After that different shapes are given. From children to the elderly, designer hair is prepared.

Target of মিল 1 million this year

According to Shilpa, the trend today is to match clothing with hair color. A large number of people avoid getting their hair dyed. Making bridal hair, blonde and colored hair is really interesting. The life of a finished product is one to four years. They are most in demand in America and Europe because of the color of their clothing and the way they wear wigs in everyday life. It has become a fashion status. Today the market is growing at a growth rate of 12 percent. Worked for 8 million last year. Corona went down in business but has set a target of $ 1 million this year. He said YS Garg, advisor to the Federation of Indian Export Organizations and FAI, had played a key role in taking the trade abroad.


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