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Jharkhand: Parents beheaded in front of minor boy, couples shout, neighbors do not come to rescue

Jharkhand’s P turned red with blood late Saturday night in Todetopa village in the Naomundi police station area of ​​Singbhum. For two yards of land, the cousins ​​killed the sister and brother-in-law with an ax and dumped the sister’s body in a bush a hundred meters from the house, while the 12-year-old nephew somehow managed to escape. Saved. At the same time, in front of his eyes, the man who was terrified of killing his daughter-in-law, the old and sick mother was looking at Gumshum.

Here, on a tip-off on Sunday morning, Novamundi police reached the village and arrested five accused, including two cousins, with axes and other weapons from the spot. Everyone will be sent to jail on Monday.

While his father Vishnu Parida (42) and mother Purgun Parida (35) were killed with an ax, 12-year-old son Lalu Parida somehow escaped and saved his life. Elderly and sick mother Chandu Parida was staring at the horrific scene of the murder of her son and daughter-in-law. People in the area did not come to the rescue even after the couple screamed. On Sunday, Novamundi police seized the bodies of both the spouses from the spot and sent them to Chaibasa Sadar Hospital for postmortem.

An FIR has been registered against five people

Police arrested Budharam Tiria, Baman Tiria, Raghunath Tiria, Roya Tiria and Jaipal Tiria while registering an FIR against five persons in disguise of son Lalu Parida. SI Ravi Narayan Jha, SI Rakesh Kumar One, SI Rakesh Kumar Dujan, SI Chandrasekhar Kumar and ASI Birbal Chaubey were present to take the body.

All the accused came with poles, rods and axes

According to eyewitness Chandu Parida, the elderly and sick mother, all the accused brought poles, iron rods and axes in their hands. Arriving at the house, the fire started beating Vishnika Parida and daughter-in-law Purgun Parida with sticks and iron rods. Both screamed for their protection, but no one listened. When Vishnu Parida enters the house to save his life, all the accused enter the house and kill him with an ax. After killing Vishnu, he left his body in the same condition and ran towards Purgun Paridar. He was also killed with an ax and the body was dragged to a place where the ax was again stabbed unconscious in the face.

Murder over land dispute

According to the police, Vishnu Parida lived in Todetopa as a housemaid. He was selling his father-in-law’s land with his wife. Mamato sister Purgun was dissatisfied with this. Cousins ​​Jaipal Tiria and Raghunath Tiria thought that their ancestral land was being sold, sparked a controversy and five people killed the couple.

Five accused have been arrested in the Todetopa couple murder case. The incident was carried out over a land dispute, the accused are all relatives of the couple.
– Laxman Prasad, Inspector Kam Police Station in-charge, Novamundi.


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