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Insurance cover for Delhi Police personnel has increased, now it will range from natural death to suicide.

Delhi Police Commissioner S.N. Srivastava on Saturday announced an increase in insurance cover for Delhi Police personnel in cases of natural death and accidental deaths as well as suicide.

Wishing all the soldiers a Happy New Year, the Commissioner said that all police personnel above the age of forty should undergo compulsory medical examination so that any disease can be detected in time and treatment can be started.

The commissioner said last year was challenging and police members were under extreme mental, physical and official stress due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. He said in a statement that 612 police officers were infected with the coronavirus because they were front-line workers. Of these, 444 recovered and returned to duty, and 32 died of the coronavirus.

Last year, 14 policemen committed suicide

Not only that, in 2020, 231 Delhi Police personnel died in natural causes, 44 died in accidents and 14 policemen committed suicide. He said it shows that police members are facing a serious physical and mental health crisis, which needs to be looked into.

The commissioner said that in case of natural death, the insurance cover has been increased from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 26 lakh, and in case of death, it has been increased from Rs 30 lakh to Rs 786 lakh. He said a provision of Rs 10 lakh has been made to help the family in case of suicide.

Out-of-turn promotion to 135 employees

A total of 135 employees have been given turn-off promotions, 235 have been awarded outstanding work awards, and 145 have been awarded commendation rolls, the statement said. He said a special initiative has also given three-turn-off promotions for searching for fifty or more missing children a year.


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