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Indian Air Force congratulates second topper of Knit 2020 Akanksha Kushinagar

Indian Air Force congratulates second topper of Knit-2020, Akanksha, Kushinagar girl gets 100% marks


The Indian Air Force has congratulated Akanka Singh, a girl from Kushinagar, who scored 720 out of 72022 in the NEET-2020 test. Notably, Rajendra Kumar Rao, father of Akanka Singh, is a retired sergeant of the Indian Air Force.
Akanksha Singh has secured the second topper by getting 100% marks in NINK-2020 examination. There is a celebration of this achievement from Kushinagar to Gorakhpur. Akanka is originally from Kushinagar.

On Friday, his success was also celebrated at the Coaching Institute in Gorakhpur. Akanka has secured second position in the All India rankings in the Nink-2020 examination. He got 720 out of 720. He is also a UP topper. She became the first girl from Kushinagar to achieve such a good result in this prestigious test. The National Testing Agency (NTA) today announced the test results.

Akanksha Singh of Abhinavakpur, Kushinagar has achieved this result by fighting against all adversities. Fulfilled the dream of becoming a doctor without any special support or coaching. The aspiration to realize this dream became one day and night. He left Kushinagar for Gorakhpur and from here to Delhi. Ready with hard work. While coaching in Gorakhpur, his mother used to take him to the bus stop in Kushinagar every day. On his way back from Gorakhpur, the coaching staff dropped him off at the bus stop.

Mother is a former soldier, mother is a teacher
Akankar’s father is a retired sergeant of the Indian Air Force. His mother Ruchi Singh is a primary school teacher in the village. They are both very happy with the success of this girl. After Friday’s results, he expressed joy by distributing sweets throughout his village.

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