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India-China Standoff: India prepares to avoid any snowfall of Dragon, tunnels made in Ladakh

While India-China are constantly holding meetings to calm the tense atmosphere in eastern Ladakh for months, the Chinese media is not holding back from spreading propaganda. Recently, during the skirmish in Ladakh, the Chinese media had fabricated a fake story of the use of microwave weapons. Given the history of China, the Indian Army is still not taking any hesitation and is watching the dis-engagement process of East Ladakh very carefully. The Indian Army has built tunnels to avoid any possible incursions from China.

On 29–30 August, Indian Army personnel along with the Special Frontier Force (SFF) captured the LoC on the southern hills of Pangong So. The soldiers were deployed on the heights, thwarting all the efforts of China. At the same time, when the Chinese media created a fake story of the use of microwave weapons to spread propaganda, it was immediately dubbed fake news by the Indian Army.

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The Chinese successfully used the tunnel defense against the Japanese in the Second Sino-Japanese War. The PLA has built aircraft at Lhasa Air Base and tunnel shelters for nuclear ballistic missile submarines in the Hainan Islands in South China Sea.

According to senior military commanders, the Indian Army has laid large diameter concrete pipes through the tunnels to the shelters to protect the jawans from enemy attacks, which will surprise the enemy country during the attacks. The diameter (diameter) of reinforced concrete pipe ranges from six to eight feet. Through this, soldiers can come from one place to another without any enemy troops. Another advantage of tunnels is that they can be heated from the inside even in extremely cold temperatures and can act as shelters for the jawans.

On the other hand, the ninth round of military commander-level talks will be held between India and China on the withdrawal of troops from elsewhere. But despite this, India has made full preparations to avoid any intrusion.


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