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India-China standoff: China, India will think 100 times before any snowfall in Ladakh

East Ladakh has been in turmoil since April over the Indo-China border dispute. Despite multiple rounds of talks between the two countries, no solution has been found. One of the reasons behind this is China’s joke, which the neighboring country shows from time to time. Despite the Dragon’s relentless deception, the Indian Army is fully alert and deployed to respond to any of its weaknesses. The military recently ordered several boats to protect Pangong Lake from Chinese evil eye. In fact, with its help, reservoirs in the eastern Ladakh region, including Pangong Lake, can be monitored and troops will be able to patrol it. After this move, the strength of the Indian Army will increase further in Ladakh.

The first defense deal in the new year

This agreement of the army will be the first defense agreement of the new year. The Army has signed a boat deal with a domestic shipyard under the Self-Reliance India campaign. The best thing about it is that there will be no delays and the boats will also start this year. On Friday, the Army tweeted that the Indian Army had signed an agreement with Messrs. Goa Shipyard Limited for 12 fast patrol boats. This will allow them to patrol the waters of other regions, including high altitudes. Both Indian and Chinese forces use boats to patrol Lake Pangong So.

What do experts think about this?

Experts say the army needed new boats to compete with the Chinese. Former North Army commander Lt. Gen. BS Jaswal (retd) said, “The Chinese are using more advanced boats and they are moving the boats faster.” It produces huge waves and on the other hand pushes light Indian patrol boats. The Indian Army needed more powerful boats than ever before, which have now been ordered. ”

Ladakh in India has high power boats

The Indian Navy sent more than a dozen high-powered, large and top-line boats to Ladakh last year to allow the Indian Army to patrol in Pangong Soo. While India has been urging China to withdraw troops from all parts of the country since early April and restore stability, the Chinese side has said that India should first go to the higher elevations of Pangong and return its troops. As a result, there have been eight-point meetings at the top military level between the two countries. At the same time, the announcement of the ninth phase of the meeting is also expected soon.


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